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Working Girl..

So, university’s officially out! Assessments handed in and Exams done and dusted. Just seriously crossing my fingers and foolishly hoping that I pass all my exams. I even made a list of reasons plastered on my study table on why I should pass all my exams- starting with the words EXPENSIVE. 

and on that note, I want to fly through the ‘good’ stuff…



TIME FLIES. Most definitely…

Not long ago, I was slaving off writing lists on what to do once Im done with my exams, all of them revolving around ‘chillaxing, lazying, reading lots and lots of books, trying to create a dent on my tbr-pile’. However, I was lucky enough to acquire a Christmas casual gig!! and by gig I mean a paying job. Who doesn’t want extra moolah?? 


For the record this job was seriously a long process to acquire, normally when you go for a contractual Christmas casual job, which by the way is only till January- you only have one face-to-face interview, then a call-back follows if you get the job or not. However, this was not the case with this one; there was the telephone interview (at an awkward time, I might add) then there is the store manager interview, area manager and then the meeting of the owners. Keep in mind that you definitely need to pass each process before going through the next. Heck, I thought I botched the first one (phone interview) since she called me in the morning and caught me off-guard- I had bed hair and dribble!! But hey, they seemed to like me. And not to be gloating or anything, but I guess the long process was due to the ‘status’ of this organisation (business). Its a pretty famous jewellery store, known internationally. I am most definitely proud to be a part of it, even for a short time. 


I borrowed heaps of library books from both of my membership areas. Then borrowed The mentalist dvds, and even bought asian doramas. 


Time sure does fly and I reckon before I know it, I’ll be back at Uni (quite unfortunate really). 

Enjoy ur free days.. What are you guys reading???