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New Year x_X !! (Ready Set Go) ’16

Ooh how time flies, I know it has been awhile since my last update, I have no excuse other than the fact that I couldn’t be bothered. However, I have been active in goodreads, so lets be friends!

Now that’s out of the way, Happy New Year to each and everyone of you. May you have a blessed and prosperous new year ahead of you, I wish y’all the best of luck in your future endeavours. I know I definitely need it, as I will be sticking to a book challenge of my own this year.

So, before I get to it, I’d like to give an overview of what were dealing we; every single time I have to clean my room its an all day affair (if I’m hard at work) or a three day affair, and all because of my landmass of a tbr pile. My bookcase is bursting, the columns have yet to give way, but it’s clearly bent- but, I love it.

This year , I would like my goodreads yearly reading challenge to mostly consists of books from my personal library, and since I went (still am) through a Rory Gilmore phase, a lot of my books would correspond to the Rory Gilmore Book Challenge, not to mention the BBC 100. You may look at it as four separate challenges;  Goodreads, Landmass TBR Pile, Rory Gilmore Book Challenge and the BBC 100; but, they’re all interconnected. So, i’ll be calling them the ‘MY BOOKS ARE BETTER THAN SLEEPING’ – *a.k.a* The Start of the Personal Books Slaying Year…

Pardon my train of thought, I am trying to be as coherent as possible in my slightly inebriated state.  Its 6am here and I have to bid you farewell and finish up laundry before I start being a ‘new’ (same old) person for the year 2016.




I will be adding a longer list of books much later on, and you know the drill- cross out of titles once read. Wish me luck my fellow Bibliophiles..


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History does not always cause you Misery..


In the past two  days, I have an accumulated sleep of about three hours. Is it insomnia? Could be.. Is it assessments? Most probably. To be perfectly honest though, it is quite simply every other student’s self-diagnosed disorder- chronic procrastinating..

I had a whole week to do three assessments, totalling 6,000 words. Instead I did it in three days, all the night before they where due. Am I proud? A little bit, I like this feeling of having a tiny sense of accomplishment, even if it affected all other forms of functioning.

I finished the last of this semester’s psych reports! I handed my assessment in this morning, sporting  carefully camouflaged eye bags. My body’s main fuel has been caffeine, Im wired as a CPU (haha, corny) But all is well that ends well..

I have one (last) more  assessment due! Thankfully this is not a report or a psychological essay.. Its a portfolio!! YIpee..

What causes stress in human beings. I probably would’ve answered, writing assessments and critical thinking. There where just countless times wherein I embodied the psycho in psychology. But enough of this depression and whatnot. Im reading good literature, keeping me sane and sober. Holden Caulfield held my hand and kept me company whilst my sad sorry eyes where stinging from the lack of sleep. Coupled with a hot cafe mocha from GJ, then I felt like I was floating in marshmallow heaven.

*SELF ACTUALISED Individuals, do not, I repeat, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!

Heh.. really? Well, Im far from one, so no pressure..

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Random thoughts on Reading without paper..

Goodreads has been a constant companion in terms of directing me towards books to read, its literally like my manual. Drool worthy books splashed across my dashboard has made me realise that I could never have enough money- not to mention patience to wait for the books that I want to own/have now. Everyone knows that I would rather use my hard earned moolah to buy books than shopping for clothes and other must have girly items. Initially I have always been a purist when I came to books, only reading actual tangible books either from the library; or books I have bought. But ever since my mum gave me a kindle for Christmas, two years ago, I have been enthralled. It was hard at first to get used to holding a portable device that eliminates the actual flicking and dog-eared pages (which i am used to) as per tradition of reading; but after awhile I was enjoying it- I embraced the featherweight feeling; instead of lagging with me 2-3 books. It just seemed more practical, really. I still occasionally borrow books from the library, so, you could say that I am still half a purist. Nothing could ever really take away the feeling of a thick paperback, but my love for books would always be constant regardless of whatever outlet I read them from..



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Its that time once again, next week is STUVAC- its seems that I always end up on this blog when its time for me to study. This time I really need to up my performance, Im taking some pretty dense classes that needs to be gone over and over (especially, since I still dont understand them wholeheartedly). Anyways, its been awhile!! I hate saying this, since it seems to have become a bad habit of mine. But, Hi to everyone. Nomads, Hoarder, non readers alike. At the start of this year, I have joined numerous book, uhm (forgot the word).. book… yerp, book challenges. Apologies. Anyways…


It seems that I wont be making any of them at all. Despite my initial goal of reading 50+ books this year, which I have done. None of the challenges appeal to me anymore (its quite unfortunate really). My reading habits has been in disarray lately, I just read and leave as I go. and I have come to like erotic fiction and adult fiction too.. before, you ask, no, I havent read 50 shades of grey. A lot of the recommendations came from goodreads, some nay recommendations but most of them have been wonderful. One in particular has been my favourite, check out ON THE ISLAND  Its an amazing story about a tutor and a student trapped on an island and its a story about survival; growth; maturity and love, seriously, though just check it out!! Anyways, I’ll keep on studying and I sincerely hope I pass my exams and all my classes. Wish me luck!! 

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Never Could Stay Away..

from reading leisurely..


The title pretty much sums it all..

Hi to everyone on the cyberworld! I am semi officially back, from a hiatus (?). Uni is tiring and I just got myself a two week intra-week break which was supposed to be catching up on some uni readings when I have reverted back to procrastinating and leisure readings. I mentioned earlier that once uni started I wanted to start solely concentrating on my course readings, notes and academic shizznit related. I simply wanted to change and become more organises and academically minded, Fat lot that did me. I was out of funk for the first few weeks when uni started, I mean I liked my classes but I always felt like something was missing.

That something was leisure reading..

Life had become mundane, repetitive and I wanted something exciting in my life. I felt like I had forcefully avoided and left reading for fun for fear of that it would greatly affect my course work. My volition has crumbled, and since it has already affected my in a way, I went back to what I do best. Read!!

And so I am semi officially back, and I fervently agree to the above photo: MIND BLOWING POWER OF BOOKS!!!

They are my mood stabilisers, they are my drug that keeps me sane and stable. After being away from them from almost a month, I cave in a whole week and ended up reading, almost a months worth of novels (all hopelessly romantic sappy books btw).

Please go to my Goodreads and see my progress *smug face*, add me. I need more excitement and more bibliomaniac friends in my life (^__^).


Adios amigos!!!… for now


*May the reading force be with you always !!!


Damned by Chuck Palahniuk

Heaven or Hell. Life or Death. Love or Despair. Yin and Yang. The polar opposites of one another, whatever it is. I know for sure that reading Palaniuk’s newest book Damned was one hell of a ride (no pun intended).

I have heard of Chuck Palaniuk and his literary prowess, and after looking up available books from the library, I settled on with his newest 2011 release, Damned. To be perfectly honest with you, I cant really say something book review-worthy about the book since I felt like it was all over the place. Good and exciting but mostly illicitly descriptive and deranged <3. Nonetheless a book that had me laughing in fits with its black humor and more than slightly off-beat plot lines.

In a nutshell:

The book is about the protagonist Madison Spencer (who’s got one heck of a long full name) who apparently ‘died’ from a marijuana overdoes and is stuck in hell. She then meets a blonde bombshell named Babette, Patterson the jock, Leonard the nerd and Archer the anarchist. Madison, along with her gang of misfits embark on a hellish journey of discovery and what it means to live after dying.

*I swear its a massive mind fuck really..

(My favourite quotes from the book):

Really, just looking around, you feel a twinge of pity for the pool souls who succeeded in getting past the Pearly gates. One cant help but picture the lacklustre VIP lounge in Heave, a kind of nonalcoholic ice-cream social starring Harriet Beecher Stowe and Mahatma Gandhi. Hardly anyone’s idea of a ‘with-it’ social register.

It’s power, but kind of pointless power. No one is discriminated against more than alive people discriminate against the dead. Nobody is as badly marginalized. If the dead are portrayed in popular culture its as zombies.. vampires..ghosts, always something threatening to the living. The dead are depicted the way blacks were in 1960s mass culture, as a constant danger and menace. Any dead characters must be banished, exorcised, driven from the poverty like the Jews in the fourteenth century. Deported like illegal-alien Mexicans. Like lepers.

In the prejudiced, bigoted modern world, alive is alive. Dead is dead. And the two factions must not interact. This attitude is entirely understandable when you consider what the dead would do to property values and stock prices..

The story is really soo much more than a thirteen year old girl dying and finally living her ‘life’ in hell. Im more than happy to read more of Mr. Palahniuk’s books. If only library borrowers would just return them before their due dates *sigh..



Shadow by Jenny Moss

Long Ago, in a kingdom far away, it was prophesised that the queen would die before her sixteenth birthday. So, Shadow, an orphan girl the same age as the young queen, was given the duty of watching her every move. Shadow remains confined  in the fortress-like castle, virtually a slave to the queen. But when tragedy strikes, Shadow suddenly finds herself escaping under the protection of Sir Kenway, a young knight, who she believes was bethrothed to the queen.

Unsure of why she is following Sir Kenway, but determined to run as far from her longtime prison as possible, Shadow sets off an adventure with the handsome kniwhgt. But the kingdom  is dying around them, and Shadow senses there are unknown forces at work. As mystery and romantic tension build, will Shadow uncover her own destiny?

In an adventure filled with magic and romance, one girl will embark on an incredible journey to find herself and change the fate of a kingdom forever.  [copied from hardback sleeve]

In a Time of crowns and conspiracy, its impossible to know whom to trust……

And with that promising blurb, I swiftly snatched this book from the library and instinctly swiped it through to be borrowed and devoured at home, comfortably…or so I thought.

This was perhaps the only book I have read this month which took me days (possibly weeks) to finish. I practically read 3 books in between reading this, and thats definitely saying something. I whole-heartedly admit that I am a mood reader; to be in the zone, feel the characters grow and see them as friends. I can only describe my mood as a doughy- it got flattened, deformed and stretched out again-and-again as I persevered to devour this book (>__<)

Shadow, initially offered a mysterious aura and a well developed pacing and promised a good old fun adventure. However, the execution felt flat,the build-up disappointing. The whole story is a tad predictable, I havent read a lot of historical ‘mystery’ fiction, but it doesn’t take a genius to realise and  to put two and two together, thus ruining the whole story- for me anyways. Its really more of a book wherein the readers already know whats happening but the characters are just stubbornly ignorant or apathetic.

The only  thing that pretty much allowed me to finish reading this book was the writing. Jenny Moss, is clear and very blunt in her manner of expressions- naive and innocence narrative comes to mind. The narration is descriptive and somewhat cinematic, however her character’s development as well as pacing are at times rushed and flat. This book was found in the YA section of my library, but perhaps grade schoolers will love it more?

I wanted to love Shadow, and for awhile there I thought I did. I liked that she was courageous and a no nonsense type of girl, a dreamer, albeit a realistic one, and she has the ability not to cave under intimidation and bullying. Yet all these wonderful attributes went downhill, it had been no more than a mask of her insecurities as well as her ignorant pride. The question of ‘to be or not to be?’ comes up a lot during her inner monologues (when you read the book you’ll get my gist) and between those I sometimes feel like chucking a rock at her for her indecisiveness and at times selfishness. I had to constantly remind myself however, that this is a damaged girl who attachments have made her insecure and must in no doubt give her my empathy.

Romance?!  Was it mentioned? implied? Yes, indeed it was. But it was poorly executed however. I felt like there was no real chemistry, no concrete back story. It felt like the writer was thinking ‘we need an alpha male to spice things up. Someone vulnerable, sensitive, yet ignorant and sometimes narcissistic’.  and I was like wtf??

It was an alright read. If you like lovely descriptive medieval styled surroundings and stories on queens and knights with a mediocre characterisation growth, then this book is for you. I still am glad to have read the book, but once is definitely more than enough.

Happy Reading y’all =))