Musings on Life and my Love of The Printed Word.

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Random thoughts on Reading without paper..

Goodreads has been a constant companion in terms of directing me towards books to read, its literally like my manual. Drool worthy books splashed across my dashboard has made me realise that I could never have enough money- not to mention patience to wait for the books that I want to own/have now. Everyone knows that I would rather use my hard earned moolah to buy books than shopping for clothes and other must have girly items. Initially I have always been a purist when I came to books, only reading actual tangible books either from the library; or books I have bought. But ever since my mum gave me a kindle for Christmas, two years ago, I have been enthralled. It was hard at first to get used to holding a portable device that eliminates the actual flicking and dog-eared pages (which i am used to) as per tradition of reading; but after awhile I was enjoying it- I embraced the featherweight feeling; instead of lagging with me 2-3 books. It just seemed more practical, really. I still occasionally borrow books from the library, so, you could say that I am still half a purist. Nothing could ever really take away the feeling of a thick paperback, but my love for books would always be constant regardless of whatever outlet I read them from..