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New Year x_X !! (Ready Set Go) ’16

Ooh how time flies, I know it has been awhile since my last update, I have no excuse other than the fact that I couldn’t be bothered. However, I have been active in goodreads, so lets be friends!

Now that’s out of the way, Happy New Year to each and everyone of you. May you have a blessed and prosperous new year ahead of you, I wish y’all the best of luck in your future endeavours. I know I definitely need it, as I will be sticking to a book challenge of my own this year.

So, before I get to it, I’d like to give an overview of what were dealing we; every single time I have to clean my room its an all day affair (if I’m hard at work) or a three day affair, and all because of my landmass of a tbr pile. My bookcase is bursting, the columns have yet to give way, but it’s clearly bent- but, I love it.

This year , I would like my goodreads yearly reading challenge to mostly consists of books from my personal library, and since I went (still am) through a Rory Gilmore phase, a lot of my books would correspond to the Rory Gilmore Book Challenge, not to mention the BBC 100. You may look at it as four separate challenges;  Goodreads, Landmass TBR Pile, Rory Gilmore Book Challenge and the BBC 100; but, they’re all interconnected. So, i’ll be calling them the ‘MY BOOKS ARE BETTER THAN SLEEPING’ – *a.k.a* The Start of the Personal Books Slaying Year…

Pardon my train of thought, I am trying to be as coherent as possible in my slightly inebriated state.  Its 6am here and I have to bid you farewell and finish up laundry before I start being a ‘new’ (same old) person for the year 2016.




I will be adding a longer list of books much later on, and you know the drill- cross out of titles once read. Wish me luck my fellow Bibliophiles..


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Its that time once again, next week is STUVAC- its seems that I always end up on this blog when its time for me to study. This time I really need to up my performance, Im taking some pretty dense classes that needs to be gone over and over (especially, since I still dont understand them wholeheartedly). Anyways, its been awhile!! I hate saying this, since it seems to have become a bad habit of mine. But, Hi to everyone. Nomads, Hoarder, non readers alike. At the start of this year, I have joined numerous book, uhm (forgot the word).. book… yerp, book challenges. Apologies. Anyways…


It seems that I wont be making any of them at all. Despite my initial goal of reading 50+ books this year, which I have done. None of the challenges appeal to me anymore (its quite unfortunate really). My reading habits has been in disarray lately, I just read and leave as I go. and I have come to like erotic fiction and adult fiction too.. before, you ask, no, I havent read 50 shades of grey. A lot of the recommendations came from goodreads, some nay recommendations but most of them have been wonderful. One in particular has been my favourite, check out ON THE ISLAND  Its an amazing story about a tutor and a student trapped on an island and its a story about survival; growth; maturity and love, seriously, though just check it out!! Anyways, I’ll keep on studying and I sincerely hope I pass my exams and all my classes. Wish me luck!! 

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Fuck Yeah Reading Challenges (2012)


Nothing says eager like a good challenge (or in this case challenges). So, for the year 2012 I have browsed through a dozen online book challenges and will be participating in the following:


The Dystopia Challenge 2012 (Hosted by bookishardour) 

  15 books- Contagion

The level I have chosen is contagion, which requires 15 books to be read. I’ have read the first book of the Hunger Games Trilogy and loved it. Definitely more than willing to read some more..





 Off the Shelf Book Challenge 2012  (Hosted by bookishardour)

 30 books- Making a  Dint

A humongous amount of unread books lie dormant on my bookshelf- it comes with the territory of being both a book lover and a massive hoarder. Every year vows are made to read the books, and every year it is broken, and instead new books are added. What better to start changing by joining a challenge to help me with my motivation.



Steampunk Reading Challenge  (Hosted by darkfaerietales)

   6 Books- Gaslight

The steampunk genre, most definitely something that I am very much unfamiliar with. I have read rave reviews about this sub-genre and would love to know more about it.







Zombie Challenge 2012 (hosted by Book Chick City)

6 books- One Chomp

I have always loved zombies. The walking dead- eager to satisfy themselves with some blood, guts and brain. What surprises me the most is that I haven’t read as many zombie genre books as much as the many times I have seen them in movies and tv shows. Excited to sink my teeth into some gore !!




Young Adult (YA) Contemporary 2012 Book Challenge (Hosted by Katiesbookblog)

10 Books- Level 2

My choice of YA books are always leaning towards contemporary, I love that realistic-fiction feeling, where the characters and situations somewhat more easier to empathise. The only difference between this contemporary challenge is that the books read must be published during 2012. So, as much as I love reading brand- new, newly published books, I just dont think I have enough moolah to acquire more than 10. My two favourite libraries are always there, but they cant always guarantee that they’ll be on-shelf or in-stock.

Chunkster Reading Challenge  (Hosted by Chunksterchallenge) 4 Books- The Chubby Chunkster

The idea is to read Adult literature 450+pages long. I am open and looking forward to it, I havent read a lot of adult literature, and this will just hopefully motivate me more. Middlesex by Eugenides is on my list =))





And this ladies and gentledudes is just the beginning. I am hopeful that 2012 will prove to be a bibliogasmic experience for me.. If you would like to look at more reading challenge please check THIS OUT!!…


Wish me all the best and may this journey be a mind-opening experience =))