Musings on Life and my Love of The Printed Word.

The Insomniac

A new year a new endeavour, or in this case another new blog. However, only this time I wont hold back and bite my tongue for fear of being carefully scrutinised and laughed at. Life is far to short for me to continuously care what others think of my own opinions, whether they be right or wrong or simply ignorant. My real life has made me too sensitive towards others for their own good rather than mine. I am rarely able to give a flying farkk about issues that irk or bother me, whether they be related to books or a matter of opinion.


  • Scatterbrained Procrastinator
  • Random Sydneysider (Land Down Under)
  • A massive bibliophile and otaku
  • A traveller of the world (internationally, locally or simply around my suburbs looking for a decent cuppa)
  • Buy’s books for the love and thrill of it despite not being to necessarily read (just yet!)
  • Listens to indie music, rock, jpop, mandapop, jrock, visual kei and classical music
  • Find its hard to sleep before 3am
  • Has a weirdly inhuman body clock..



One thought on “The Insomniac

  1. Hey there! I just found you through Goodreads where we just became friends on there ( and I just had to comment because it sounds like we have lots in common.

    Especially the whole insomnia/body-clock thing. I have always had trouble keeping on a normal sleep schedule and have recently come to peace with the fact that my body is most comfortable with going to bed between 3-4am. Well, I’m at peace with it but my husband hates it so I still try to adjust even though it’s virtually impossible for me. I always sleep longer if I force myself to go to sleep before then. It’s weird. Glad to know I’m not the only one with the funked up internal body clock. lol

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